Deanna Unruh Sorsdahl Debt is Gone!

All throughout the marriage to Deanna we were drowning in her debt.  I told her to get rid of her car, she borrowed money for it but we didn’t need 2 cars for such a small town.  Nor did we need such a nice silver car.  To this day I cannot even tell you what brand of car it was, because those things are unimportant in my life.  She eventually sold it and paid off some of her debt.  But she never did agree with me on that point and the car I bet today is still a sore point for her. The day she left she demanded I leave the house and get a job.  I was making pretty good money on the house rentals and didn’t see a need to leave the house that day.  This was only one day after having Elayna! I told her I was staying home to spend some time with the Baby.  Deanna did not agree and left with the child!  I had a rental business, I could afford to spend the first few hours with my new baby!!!  She was hungry sounding and Deanna was not producing milk and there was no formula for her as we never bought any because we didn’t know Deanna was not producing. I was fighting the carbon 666 tax plan scam and was busy educating people on the climate fraud and showing them the law of the conservation of mass.  The amount of carbon on the planet is a constant and never changes.  Its a rare life bearing element which fosters LIFE, not harming the environment in any way.


Today she is gone, the climate models all failed like I predicted they would, she left after that and I have her debt to payoff as part of the out of court settlement.  $35,000.  That is all of her student loans which she never learned to payoff herself, like I paid off my loans taking Engineering.  Taking her to court would have cost me $20,000 and I likely would not have had to payoff her debts, but that would have hurt Elayna and what she has to live off of.  I hope Elayna is doing well.  Going to court is unbiblical, so I settled out of court for an extra amount, just to clear off her names from my properties.
I sold my lot at Turtle lake and have paid off her debt as well as the house I am living in.  The debts are gone!  I am happily working full time today.
I bought a used book today by Dave Ramsey called the Financial Peace Revisited, the youtube videos goes over Proverbs 22:7 (YABS)The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

I am out of debt and plan not to own any credit cards.  I paid off my delinquent credit card loan and have cut up my cards and don’t have any credit, nor do I want any.  I use a pre-paid debit Visa card from the Scotia Bank when I want to buy a book online.  Since I am walking to work, I have time to read on my lunch since I am away from the internet.
I don’t need a fancy house or a fancy car right now.  I don’t need a cabin at the lake either.  Especially when my only daughter is living in BC and I live in Saskatchewan and don’t get to see her!  I only have to be happy with what I have.
Getting out of debt, is one of the first step in following the Bible.  I have another $800 saved for making investments by Lending Loop, by not eating out or driving around.  I have literally been saving every penny I can.  
The Lot at Turtle Lake was a nice lot that would have made many wonderful memories of the beach and swimming and fishing with Elayna and that plan is now gone.  The extra money from the sale of the lot will go to my Dad, for helping me with the loans on the house and Deanna Debt, and help payoff taxes for the years my Dad was carrying the place. The only thing I can do is do my best to plan for the future and its kind of hard to see how that will turn out.  The software program Nifty Financial Independence has helped give me a plan to move forward and while not easy I am taking that hard route of saving money and compounding interest.  I am still making my monthly commitments to Elayna, so she is getting paid.
Today I found out by my sister Kathy that Deanna name has now been taken off the liens to my properties!  I can now finally start moving forward.  I plan on selling my other 2 rentals that are far away from Melfort this spring and summer and investing the savings for my retirement.  I’m turning 51 soon, so its not too late to start.

Coffee Date!

Today I went to A&W and asked Erin out on a coffee date and she said yes!  I got her phone number.  She is busy most of the week, but Mondays she has off.  I work this Monday till 10:30pm, so it will have to be another day.  Still its my very first coffee date since the split with Deanna.

Yesterday I played bowling with my work team.  It was fun.  Still walking to work and most places and saving my money.  

Insurance for Elayna etc etc.

Today I got in the mail a letter regarding your member benefits from my job at work, since I am part of a union now.  Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, I guess I get $4000 coverage for free and $10,000 for $2 for the first year (No Idea what it costs after that).  I could put my parents down as a beneficiary but who knows how long they will be around for??  I decided to put Elayna down as a beneficiary, even though I do not see her.

What bothers me is I get other coverage for dental etc from work, but since Elayna is not part of my life, don’t know if I should pay for it, if she is never going to use it?  I get coverage, simply Deanna needs to get in touch with me, if she wants coverage in this area!  It would be nice to know how she is doing.  It would be nice if Deanna Unruh Sorsdahl would fill me in.  Work has been going good.  

I have been walking to work to save money, but I drove my car on my days off.  I got a $60 dollar ticket, $30 dollar ticket if paid early for not moving my car, so I parked it in the driveway and paid the early fine.  Seems like it is hard to save a buck, when I wouldn’t have been billed for driving my car.  I have been cooking my own meals and starting to clean up the house.  
I am behind in placing the Aleph Tav  את  In the Torah portion of the new YABS (Yet to be released).  It’s painfully slow process, but I hope people enjoy it.  I blew some money on a new Ipod charger cord $30, as my ipod was no longer charging properly.  

Today I fixed my Ahayah Ashar Ahayah necklace and Aleph Tav  את  Necklace as both quickly fell apart.
I don’t know how long they will last as they are nice necklaces, but are not made that well.  A clasp on the Aleph Tav necklace literally broke and one of the links on the Ahayah Ashar Ahayah necklace snapped.   I bought them off of Ebay, they were not too expensive.  Its nice having the name of the Father written in stone on your neck.  Since there is no Yasha necklace, I used a Aleph Tav  את  Necklace.
Someone bought a Giclee print of my Sorsdahl art today, so I will be using the extra money for my compoud interest savings goal, part of my New Years resolution.  So far at $25 a pop, I have more funds then there are loans available on Lending Loop, with just over a grand left. 13.2% is my average gross yield so far, but the loans havent even paid me anything yet so far.   If I would have bought SDR at the lows I would be back up to par and 31.75% gain.  However I would have had trading fees and more risk being locked in, if it continued to fall.  I like Lending Loop because it pays simple compound interest on your money.  Will give it a try and see how my savings will build.  Crossing fingers.  I simply don’t have enough cash to make trading stocks worthwhile.

Christmas is Pagan

Well I spent the holidays with my parents and my sister Sheila and Cal.  This is the first year I didn’t buy any Christmas gifts and I told my family not to buy me anything but they did anyways.  It was nice to spend time with family, we played clue and Monopoly, talked and ate turkey.  
Today is still fridged outside and since I am walking, I walked to Mark’s work wearhouse and bought a balaclava on a gift card my sister gave me.  I gave them a YABS bible earlier this year and next year I plan on buying gifts for the real birthday date of the Messiah, Sukkot.

Compound Interest

I bought another application called “Nifty Financial Independence”, a compound interest Calculator which calculates how many years to retirement, based on savings per month and interest rate.

I did the numbers and I would be better off selling my house in Alvena and investing the funds, if I can get a decent price for it.
My first $25 dollar investment closed and is finalizing at 14.1% for the start of a loan.  I have $200 invested in other loans total, with more of my savings soon to enter into the pot when they clear the bank.
I finished adding External Link icons to my “Pagan terms” section of the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures.
I have also been adding share buttons at the bottom of the pagan terms section so that people can add a Pinterest, Facebook, twitter, email or stumble upon link to their own personal website.  I have tried advertising the YABS book, but it does not meet the Taboola guidelines so I have to try another venue.
It would be nice to see Elayna over the holidays here, but at least I can still see my family, except for one sister whom will be working.  The only thing I can do is get my financial house in order and that means paying off debts and investing for the future.  I will not be buying any Christmas gifts this year since it is a pagan holiday.  I will instead honour Ahayah and Yasha by spending time with family.  It was only at the end of 2016 or at the start of 2017 that I bought a GOCC calendar which shows the proper holiday celebrations.  I thank the Father and Son for helping me find a proper investment solution.

Google Translate

I have started off as my new years resolution to save money.  I have $35K of debt to payoff of Deanna Unruh Sorsdahl, all of her education and car and Visa expenses.  Plus I have a house to finish paying off.  I plan to payoff the house in 5 years and sell off a rental house in Bruno, Saskatchewan, to payoff Deanna debt.

Just when I started saving some money, my car battery died, so I had to walk to work yesterday.  Which wasn’t that bad because I found it that it doesn’t take that much longer then driving.  So I can save money on fuel, if I walk to work.  I put the battery on the charger last night and the battery recovered.
I bought a compound interest app called “Nifty Compound Interest” and with that figured out what I could potentially save for the year.  So my goal this year is to stick to budget and start saving.  I know Deanna won’t likely be saving for Elayna future house, so since I don’t have much else going on in my life I figured that I could start saving for my own retirement and Elayna Sorsdahl’s future.
Today I have added Google Translate buttons to, I had to tweak them because my site is https.  I also plan to add a “final word” to the pagan terms section so that visitors will be directed to “Buy the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures”.
Its a good thing I sold off SDR Sand-ridge, because the stock has continued to fall precipitously.  I managed to save part of my savings before the stock totally crashed.

Lending Loop first investment

I sold my stock in Sandridge SDR and took a loss.  I have instead decided to go with P2P lending with a Canadian company called  I have $1400 to start and I plan to start saving some money for my future retirement


Today I finally got Yabdabs wordpress stack working on my websites.  I didn’t have PHP 5.6+ installed on my website.  So now my plan is to log what I have been doing.

What is new in 2017

I have been busy rebuilding my website It now has a shopping cart which displays on phones as well as on computers.  I have also added a Pagan Terms section which goes over all of the things used in making the Yasha Ahayah Bible.  Last night I finished adding Disqus comments at the bottom of each pagan terms so that browsers all over the world can comment on them.  I have attempted to add a WordPress blog to, but it is so far not working.

As far as my ex-wife goes, I found out she moved to British Columbia and has taken Elayna with her.  I hope to see Elayna someday.

First blog post

I just finished publishing the Yasha Ahayah Bible Scriptures.  It’s been a lot of work, but I’m hopeful that it will bring me closer to Elayna Sorsdahl.  In this blog I will document what happens with my journey into spreading the Word on His Holy Names.